First Comes Baby…Then Comes Marriage..

A few years ago when I first started “officially” getting into some design work, I created this blog with no real road map in mind, to serve as a home base for any projects or work I would be getting myself into.

Shortly after it’s creation, I joined forces with my now business partner (and yin to my yang) –Jana, and we branched out together with A Hint of Vintage, an event planning and decor service. As we developed our partnership and focused on navigating the waters of small business territory, there wasn’t any reason (or time) to attempt to blog from my own separate space. Until now.


Generally, because of the nature of our business, there are lots of weddings happening in my life. None of them my own, which I wasn’t resentful about at all*…… (*alternative fact) And there may or my not have been some ultimatums presented on New Year’s Eve to Steve, backed up my friend Keila, a bottle of wine and a few shots of peach schnapps. The details are scanty.


Fast forward a few months to my birthday in February; after receiving no ring on the actual day of (and ironically enough was promoting our business at a Bridal Show) I spent the day picturing the various degrees of surprise/shock/horror/fear? on Steve’s face when I would have to fire whatever Pandora’s bracelet charm I was certain he would so lovingly bestow upon me after our 8 years of pure pre-marital bliss– through our living room window.

Imagine my disappointment when instead of having to google “How to Leave the Father of Your Child”  I was actually taking to the internet to research The Dos and Donts of planning your own wedding. In  fine Steve style, he sat next to me 5 minutes before leaving to travel out of town for work that night, and said “So you want to get married or what?” and passed me a ring.

Ladies, apparently a couple of litres of alcohol, and a few idle threats go a long way.

Great news–I've decided to let him live another year 😉❤️💍

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On our way to holy matrimony however, we took a little detour.

In Steve’s defense, there was a couple of years there that were not ideal proposal/wedding material. I was pregnant for what felt like most of 2014, and the day I went off on Mat Leave, Steve was laid off for 6 months. Super fun/prosperous times.

January 2015 marked the arrival of the absolute best thing that has ever happened in my life: an amazing baby boy named Kacey Boyd Pearson. All of the cliches (good and bad) about parenthood are true. There is so much to be said, and a lot that goes without saying. But it really is a gift.

Baby boy Kacey 👶💕

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The remainder of 2015/2016 was spent trying to regain control of my bladder after natural child birth, and training my body and brain on how to safely operate a motor vehicle on about 8 hours of broken sleep a week. (YEP, it’s true what they say, they sleep through the night when they are “ready”, which can mean some time in infancy–or in our case, NEVER) #blessed.

So Steve returns to work last fall after another lay off stretch (that’s ok, we didn’t need any disposable income. Kids pretty much pay for themselves anyways right…) and it was then that I felt like I was starting to feel really ready (deserving?) of a wedding. Christmas brought no ring, New Year’s brought a stern talking to, and come February, Voila. A ring was produced and the rest is history. We are getting married September 16th, 2017.

2017?!?! That is mere months away.

Yeaaaaaah…..that’s what Steve said too. See, Steve was working a few hours outside of town all winter with little to no cell phone coverage.

What is a girl to do when she can only exchange a few measly text messages a week with her betrothed? She is forced to make executive decisions. Sigh.

He was very much on a need to know basis all winter/spring and had several mini strokes when I revealed in tiny increments that I had set the date for this year, my bridal party consisted of a small tribe, and we were getting married in a tent on my brother’s land in Salmon Cove.   “This is getting way out of hand..blah, blah, blah.” “Did you even think of running any of this by me ..blah, blah..”

Image result for robert downey jr eye roll


To be honest…NOT REALLY. Steve wants to get married, but he could care less if there was a wedding. So I am taking the beg for forgiveness route here.  A tent wedding is a HUGE undertaking, never mind the unpredictable Newfoundland weather, but that’s not even his deal, his deal is that he has had the same friends since birth or junior high and has no desire to communicate with humans that have known him less than a decade or two, and is an all around Grinch when it comes to celebrations of any kind.

Even letting a cordial “Hi” slip pass his tightly clenched lips is too daunting of a task when, God forbid, we are faced with the horrifying struggle of walking past an old acquaintance in the park ( Seriously if you can’t learn to make small talk when you get stopped with your kid, there are bigger issues at play here. “How old is he? So cute! Must be busy…oh sounds like he just let his lunch go in his shorts…Gotta run, enjoy!” It’s really easy. But like so many of us, he is awkward AF. A wedding is his worst nightmare.

But whatever, it’s not about the groom anyways. It’s very, very sweet when the groom IS looking forward to and appreciates the magnitude of planning a wedding and hosting 175 of their nearest and dearest,  but he has agreed (or at least made peace) with the fact that he has very little say in the matter and all of this is merely a formality and my mother would quite frankly kill me if we eloped.

Besides, I have dealt with many, MANY years of his shenanigans and my dues have been paid. PAID. Ten times over.

Anyways, after months and months of postponing photos because he was working out of town, we finally managed to get some. I didn’t want traditional engagement photos, and I had previously booked Wild and Heart Photography with the intentions of getting family photos for Kacey’s 2nd birthday, so we settled on more family style photos than engagement. Steve’s work schedule was too crazy and until he finished up out of town we couldn’t swing it until many months later.  With much convincing (lying) I was able to get him in front of a camera. (It’ll just be like 30 minutes I swear…)

Moya did the shooting for these, and despite the intense humidity, which is *SUPER* flattering to my already naturally wavy hair, and our tragic self posing skills, she made us look a little less ungainly. Moya’s partner Aynsley previously did some photos for us around Kacey’s 1 year Mark and they are both a breeze to work with, and so, so sweet. They will also be shooting the wedding which I am genuinely very excited about, even though I hate getting my picture taken almost as much as Steve.

(BRB, googling ‘how to become photogenic on your wedding day’ and ‘how to make your photographer not hate you’)

There were lots of cute shots, these are just a few! Click here to check out more from this awesome duo.

So this is an introduction to where I am in life right now! A lot has happened and lots more to come. Feel free to follow along and send me peace and calm planning vibes!

Next up—wedding day frame work. Who am I working with and how many panic attacks/tequila shots am I predicting in the next 8 weeks? Stay Tuned…



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