Team Work Makes the Dream Work Part 1

Behind every bride (and groom) is a long list of people that will make the big day entirely possible. In many cases, it really does take a village. And my (I mean our…) wedding is no exception.

Our invites are just a customizable template from Vista Print. I’m all about supporting local when possible, but custom stationary can be $$$. If it’s in your budget–go for it! I just designed a one sided postcard to include additional info to pair with the invite. We also just did an RSVP website. Super common now, and more efficient.

Working in the wedding industry is both a blessing and a curse. There are just soo many talented vendors that we have worked with/know of…but you can only choose one!

The bright side–I pretty much had contact info for basically everything I needed at my finger tips! So the planning began…



The ceremony and wedding will take place on my brother’s property in Salmon Cove, just a few seconds in the lane from my parents’ house where I grew up. Originally I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have it there because my brother and his girlfriend were going to start their house this year, but they are waiting until next Spring–> 🙂 #yeehaw

Right now, there’s what we call “The Grouse” on the land which is basically a 1 bedroom house on top of a two car garage. Perfect for a working bachelor, but a bachelor he is no more . THANK GOD. (We like to refer to this period as Mark AD: ‘After Dawn’. She is a savior—It’s a new era).

The tent we have rented is actually owned by my in-laws’ friend, Randy, who will also be providing the catering. Randy works in the movie industry and has done all of the catering for Republic of Doyle, Frontier etc.. The tent was originally sourced by the production company that shot The Grand Seduction which Randy also worked on. Since they weren’t too keen on shipping it back to Montreal, Randy seized the opportunity and snapped it up for his own business.

So you know what this means don’t know you…. DON’T YOU?!?!

It’s highly like that Taylor Kitsch may have, at some point, been hanging out in this very tent.

Basically what I’m saying here is that I will be under the same space, breathing the same air (ok not the SAME air. I get how air works.) as TIM RIGGINS.

If that’s not a fairy tale ending then I don’t know what is.

Image result for tim riggins
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.



By Sharpe Design is owned and operated by a fellow decorator, Sue Sharpe. Her floral designer Janine does amazing work, and we have collaborated with her in the past for other weddings and she never disappoints. They were my no-brainer choice for floral. We work with with both fresh and silk touch floral in our own decor, but my heart is with fresh floral–just can’t beat it.


Photo Credit: Sandra Lee Photography





As mentioned in my previous post, Aynsley and Moya from Wild and Heart Photography are shooting the wedding. I have vague memories of running into them both on George Street a few weekends ago. I died a slow and painful death the next day so based on my condition the night previous  hopefully they still want to be my friend.



I ventured out twice dress shopping locally. Once with my mom, and another time with my two best friends. Both times the staff at the bridal salons were helpful and I did try on a few dresses that I really *liked* but nothing I loved. I felt very overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time actually. I had a difficult time picturing what the dresses would look like once they were altered to fit me, even though some of them did fit better than others, depending on the sample size.

One of the dresses that I liked, I wanted the sleeve to be off shoulder but it was more like an upright cap sleeve. The consultant said the dress couldn’t be made like that, and suggested that I use two sided tape to tape the straps down to my arms…..??? That kind of rubbed me the wrong way. If I’m paying $$$$ to buy a dress I would a) obviously not want to buy it if taping it to my arms was the only option and  b) If I was open to buying it I would just take it somewhere to get it altered?

Image result for bridezilla
^Pretty much.

It was just a weird thing to suggest to someone who has to wear and move their arms in a dress all day. It was later in the evening so maybe she was just tired. I WAS. OF ALL OF IT. LOL. And Anyone who knows me also knows I can’t make a decision to save my life.

So I went to Sooley Designs. Done deal. Showed her some pictures for inspiration and she was so supportive and kind. We tentatively chose some fabrics and she did some sketches and the rest was history!!!!

or was it…

They emailed me a few weeks ago to confirm my fabric choices before they started to cut. I popped down there to chat with Megan and was having complete second thoughts about the whole design. Gasp.

I spotted some other fabric that was so beautiful and whimsical and even tried on a few pre-made gowns she had at her show room from the Spring/Summer 2017 Line:


#sooleyss17 #bridal #thegoldentulipnl

A post shared by Megan Sooley (@sooleydesigns) on


#sooleyss17 #weddingdress #bridal #wedding #gown

A post shared by Megan Sooley (@sooleydesigns) on


Then I entered full on hesitation mode.

I looked fine from the outside but inside I was secretly hyperventilating. I knew whatever she would make would be incredible but what if what I thought I wanted all along just wasn’t IT. Would I regret my original plans? Was that dress even me? Was it really my style? Would I look back on the entire thing and wonder what if???

Cue heavy breathing. Seeing spots. Room is spinning. Run away. Run away now and you will never have to deal with any of this. People cancel weddings and elope/become a hermit all the time. I’m fine. This is fine.

Image result for lisa simpson crazy laughing

Thankfully, I was able to keep most of my crazy bottled up inside when Megan suggested I take a night to sleep on it, and get in touch with her in a day or two. PHEW.

Naturally,  I did what any normal bride would do 8 weeks before her wedding when she had already decided on a dress style months prior:

I took to Pinterest. Glorious Pinterest. A Bride’s best and worst nightmare. If you have trouble making a decision–never fear! Pinterest is  here to add thousands of more options to the table!!

In all seriousness though, I did stumble across a dress that I hadn’t seen before. And it really, really caught my eye.  I showed her the photo, and we chatted for a few minutes and I knew that this was the direction I wanted to head.

She was really great about not swaying me one way or another, from the original or new plan, but laid out the pros and cons of each choice. I didn’t feel pressured at all, and she was completely laid back about the whole thing. I’m not sure where else you could go less than 2 months from your wedding and have the opportunity to completely change the style of a (soon to be) custom made dress. Seriously can’t recommend her enough. She is so beautiful and talented, and completely down to earth and considerate.

I can’t share too much, but here’s a few details 😉

modest wedding dress with border sleeves from alta moda bridal.


So that’s Part 1 of  Meet the Team! Next I’ll  spill the details on the music, hair + make up, decor and all that good stuff!

Thanks for following along with me–putting it all in one place is starting to make me feel like I have a little bit of a handle on this madness!

See you soon!


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