Winter is Coming…

This weekend my friend Johanna and I took part in our 2nd Annual Halloween Photo Shoot.

(And by we I mean our unassuming toddlers heh heh heh.)

Last year our dress up theme was Child’s Play, and the kids had a BALL.  We basically just let them run around MUN Campus after each other while I chased them and snapped photos.

Chucky and His Bride

We had a few costume themes in mind for this year but since I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan I suggested Jon Snow and Daeneyrs and we just ran with it. Johanna hasn’t watched any of the show yet but she was all for it and after this she def should! lol

I bought some material at Fabricville and they had so much to choose from I had a hard time picking some out. I found this perfect Yik Yak material that would be spot on for Jon Snow’s cloak a-la his time in The Night’s Watch. Luckily my mother in law is a great seamstress so after I showed her a few pictures she was totally into it.

We were originally going to take the kids to Signal Hill for pictures around the “castle” but instead we opted for Pippy Park Headquarters. They have this neat little balcony type structure and a few stone walls so it was as close to Westeros as we were going get. Also,  Way less wind and way less danger for roaming toddler beasts.

Josie is such a trooper when it comes to dressing up but Kace needs a little more encouragement. He was NOT happy about the cloak first LOLOL. He basically wanted no part of it but thank the lord Johanna is a kindergarten teacher and managed to coax him into it by convincing him that Ryder and the Pup Pack were on their way to send them on a mission #pawpatrolforlife.

Anyways they ended up having the best time with each other and he basically forgot about his hatred for the cloak. Here are a few of my faves from the star crossed lovers!

We had a laugh watching these two, we hope you do too!


Hopefully we can keep this tradition going for as many years as they will cooperate muahaha.

If you have any ideas for next year let us know–we would love to hear them!

Happy Halloween!!


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